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Bags, Bags…. August 8, 2007

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Okay, yeah I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I thought I should show you three of my latest bags. Each of them were made with the help of my sister. I have been busy with sports and trying to finish my summer homework by its deadline. Yeah, I know always fun.

This bag here was made using fabric I bought well in West Virginia. And I tried making it from a tutorial off of Craftster.

Sorry the image is sideways.

This bag here is a reduced size from my normal sized totes.
The materials for this bag are off of the $1 per yard rack at Wally World. I am getting an addiction for buying materials. Every time I go to Wally World I bring extra money just to buy material.

Here is a bag my little sister want e to make her. Again, made with fabric from the $1 per yard rack at Wally World.

Well, that has been my life at home since whenever my last post was. With the exception of my to last travels.
Which were to boring Church camp, and amazing Washington, DC. I have a couple of pictures from there. Well, I was there with my fellow youth group friends. We did lots and lots of sightseeing, and like three community service projects which were all very interesting. One of them we decided to do on our own to take matters into our own hands. Since we brought our own food for like breakfast and lunch, and we had lots left over we decided on our last night there to bag it all into 32 brown bags and hand it out to the homeless in the circle parks and in the church yard. Each bag contained a piece of fresh fruit, an individual serving box of cereal, a fruit cup, a napkin, a spoon, a 8 fl.oz. bottle of water, and a granola bar. Well, that is about it. Here a couple of building I liked, and one of my friends chasing a squirrel.

the white house. the cops are there because the just arrested to protesters.

This the picture of their Chinatown friendship wall. But their Chinatown actual has no Chinese food places in it.

I just love the building with the gold leaf top and large gold leaf covered clock.

This is Marcy. She loved chancing the animals around the parks. I really liked the picture.

Good-Bye for now. I will be posting a picture later tonight of a reconstructed shirt I made.


T- Shirt Recons.

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Okay, I just wanted to put this picture of my reconstructed tank top from to old shirts that didn’t fit me. Got the idea from looking on that Craftster site again.


Off to soccer. Love all my blogger friends.


Day At The Beach! July 10, 2007

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Okay, so today my family and I decided to spend the day at the beach, but I forgot to take the camera so there are no wonderful pictures silly me! However yesterday I promised my little sister I would teach her to use a sew machine. Even though it was like 90 some odd degrees in my house we did it. She made her every first bag with my help. It was very successful. We took a trip to the store and got the supplies I have been needing to buy. but just needed some more motivation to get it. So my sister was the motivation. She picked out some fabrics that she want to use, and then I bought the other materials. It took use forever to do it cause we keep on taking long breaks cause it was just to hot to use the sewing machine or the iron. Any how I justed wanted to post the picture.

She is going to be just as good at sewing as me pretty soon. And eventually even more crafty cause I definitely can’t design the earrings she does nor even make them.

(P.S Next time I head to the beach I will remember the camera, plus I want to upgrade mine, too)


Crafts. July 5, 2007

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Okay, so remember how I told you that I did some neat crafts when I was in WV. Well, I final got around to photograph them so I could put them up.
Pot Holders.


This the wonderful bag I made. It wasn’t my patter, but I picked out the fabrics and put it altogether. I am going to make up my own patterns soon.
Tote bag.


Well, I don’t get on to post much due to my work schedule (I have weird hours they are never the same.) and all, but I am trying to keep up on my sewing and crafting. Soon I will have another post with some other things that I am working on. Off for the day!


Just Got Home. July 2, 2007

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Okay, so for the past week I have been in West Virginia. Well, I was there, there was never a dull moment. And for as much as I eat out I managed to lose 2 pounds. I was excited. I visited the campus, and learned to make many things to try out on the new sewing machine. My cousin and her husband took me to my first every major league baseball game. The game was in Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals played. After the game there were tons of fireworks they were awesome. I kept thinking that they were over when they weren’t because their whole show seemed like anyone else’s grand finally.
Well, we were at the game my cousin thought it would be a perfect opportunity to play with her lensbaby, we got lots of pictures.

We got a picture of us with the stadium behind us after the game, too.
Well, thats not all that I did there. I also played this game called disc golf, and surprisingly I was good at it a according to my cousins brother and her. I did plenty of shopping just like any other girl would do on their vacation. And every store I went to had amazing sales and I hit every sell rack, but I also went in stores I couldn’t afford and drooled at the stuff in them. I made my first great pieces of work on the sewing machine. First I learned how to make a log cabin pot holder, then we made towels, and a handbag. It took me a couple of times to learn how to cut the fabric right with the fabric cutter, but i got a hang of it. Well, my mission when i was going there was figure out what I want to do in my life but I didn’t quite figure that out. There my be a chance of me going into business or engineering. Yeah, I know to different fields but what can you do. Okay one last thing I also tried sushi for my first time every there.